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A-4: Advanced Odor Elimination

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Common Uses for the A4:

• Hydrocarbon: Adding 8-12oz to each 30 gallons of lightly smelling (souring) solvent will eliminate the smell and recapture the solvent.

• Water Separator: Adding 2-4oz to your water separator DAILY during your morning start-up procedure will enhance your solvents performance and prevent future “souring”.

• To The Wheel: Add 2oz to the wash cycle for those “SMELLY” loads (for both wet or dry wheels).

• Swamp Coolers: Add 1oz to each 3 gallons of water in cooler tank to eliminate musty smelling air.

• Pre & Post Spray: Blend 4 parts water to 1 part A4 (4:1) into standard spray bottle. Great for underarm and urine smells. Place bottle at all pressing stations.

• Soaking Solution: Add 2-4oz to each gallon of your current soaking mixture to eliminate odors and boost the overall cleaning.

• Carpet/Rugs: 2oz added to each gallon of rug/cleaning solution for odor elimination (i.e. pet urine)