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DogGone It Concentrate

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DogGone It Concentrate

The Formula:
DogGone It is a water based non-toxic ODORLESS
formulation designed and developed for the pet
market. The formula may be sprayed directly onto any
dog fur (coat) to remove the smell of “dog”. Use to
eliminate odors from the dog bed or from within kennels.
Great for Cat litter boxes too!

How it works:
DogGone It eliminates odors through oxidization. The
oxidization process generally results in a permanent
elimination of most odor issues. Current pet products
available for odor eliminations are “masking” (scent) or
enzyme based. The “masking” formulas are designed to
cover the odor with a pleasant scent where as enzyme
based formula lack broad odor elimination kill
(not recommend for direct spraying onto the fur-coat).

Odor eliminated:
DogGone It eliminates most common pet odors such as:
wet dog, skunk, urine, littler box. Great for “paper training”
mistakes and for those “Senior Dog” mistakes.
DogGone It results are always ODORLESS.